IFRS 15: Accounting For Right of Return

IFRS 15: Accounting For Right of Return

In this comprehensive course, we dive into the intricacies of IFRS 15, with a specific focus on the challenging area of accounting for the Right of Return. Right of Return provisions can significantly impact revenue recognition and financial reporting. This course equips you with the knowledge and practical guidance to master this critical aspect of financial accounting under IFRS 15.

Key Course Components:

  1. Understanding IFRS 15: We start by providing a solid foundation in IFRS 15, the International Financial Reporting Standard for Revenue from Contracts with Customers. You'll gain insights into the standard's objectives and core principles.

  2. Exploring Right of Return: We delve deep into the concept of the Right of Return, defining what it entails, when it applies, and its implications for revenue recognition. You'll learn how to identify and assess Right of Return obligations.

  3. Measurement and Allocation: This section covers the complex issue of measuring the transaction price and allocating it to various performance obligations and potential returns. Practical examples and case studies illuminate the process.

  4. Recognition and Disclosure: We guide you through the process of recognizing revenue, accounting for returns, and disclosing the relevant information in financial statements. You'll gain a clear understanding of how to prepare accurate and compliant financial reports.

  5. Common Challenges: We address common challenges and pitfalls in accounting for Right of Return, providing expert guidance on how to navigate them effectively.

Why It Matters:

The Right of Return is a critical aspect of IFRS 15 compliance. Incorrectly accounting for it can result in misstated financial statements, potential regulatory issues, and investor concerns. Understanding and correctly implementing Right of Return provisions is vital for accurate financial reporting.

Course Benefits:

By the end of this course, you'll have the knowledge and tools needed to confidently account for Right of Return in accordance with IFRS 15. Whether you're an accountant, financial analyst, or business professional involved in financial reporting, this course empowers you to enhance your skills and ensure compliance.


Join us as we demystify the complexities of Right of Return accounting under IFRS 15. This course offers a comprehensive and practical guide to understanding, implementing, and navigating the Right of Return with confidence.

Watch the full course to embark on your journey to mastery of IFRS 15: Accounting for Right of Return and strengthen your expertise in the dynamic field of financial reporting.

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