Learners' Testimonials

Ghaida Alkaoud

I had the pleasure to attend the Excel in Auditing training course with Mr. Hesham. it was definitely one of the most enriching courses, with such a great exposure to both Excel functions and financial formulas. Mr. Hesham has an exceptional knowledge, positive energy and ability to deliver information.

Norah AlDhubaie

Zakat and Income Tax Studies Lead Specialist

Hesham possesses a unique talent for tailoring his training approach to meet the specific needs and learning styles of participants. He consistently receives positive feedback for his ability to simplify intricate financial topics and make them accessible to individuals at various levels of financial literacy. His training sessions are well-structured, interactive, and incorporate real-world examples to illustrate key concepts, thereby enhancing comprehension and retention among participants.

Hayfa AlNuwaiser

Senior Revenue Accountant at Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority

The course I took with Mr Hesham is one of the most enlightening and enriching courses I have ever taken. His ability to eloquently articulate information to the listener is unmatched. Highly recommend his courses.

Mohammed Almuaikil

Lead Specialist at ZATCALead Specialist at ZATCA

Great and awesome Microsoft Excel instructor. Really know what he was doing and care about small details on the course. Highly recommended him if anyone looking for advance skills in Excel and Financial tools.

Reem AlManie

Senior Finance Manager at BAE Systems Saudi Arabia

I had the great opportunity to be in Mr Hesham class. He kept a positive energy in my and my colleagues during an intensive days. His knowledge and experience were very clear and to the way he presented the information was impressive and no doubt he’s an expert in the subject and got a high knowledge of what he’s doing. His level of education and awareness of the subject and his global knowledge had a huge impact in me and my colleagues and give us a positive energy to challenge ourselves and apply what we learned to our daily jobs.
I’ll be fortunate to attend another course with Mr Hesham.

Iva IvanovskaIva

During my role at LEORON PDI- Dubai I had the honor to work with Mr. Hesham Mokhiemer, as a Finance Trainer for mainly Accounting and Financial courses that were delivered in the Middle East. 
He quickly became one of the best trainers I have ever worked with- being professional, loyal, flexible and understanding. 
During the years working with him he exceeded all my expectations in terms of training delivery- he managed to tailor courses on extremely complex topics –adjusting them to fit specific clients’ needs making sure all practical learning is relevant for the clients’ industry and operations, while having remarkable and excellent results after every course. 
The training methodology adopted by this trainer is highly adored by all his participants as he goes far and beyond to make courses a memorable experience: from choosing the most challenging case-studies to inventing games applicable for the topics he delivers.
His caring and friendly personality makes him extremely good in bonding with delegates, making sure each participant gets full attention during the course- but also providing post-training support for them and always ready to help them in their future endeavors. 

Zayad Albdeny

Financial Control Manager

Eventually, my dream became true and It was my pleasure to attend a course with you.
IFRS Course with a knowledgeable instructor sure will be such an informative course. 
I hope to meet you and get another course with you. 

Yazeed Alamri

Finance Director

Hesham was a very engaging trainer and covered a range of topics which appealed to everyone. I think everyone is going to take away some good action plans. The course added value to me.
Thank you so much for your efforts.

Muhib RabMuhib Rab

Supervisor Accounts Payable & Receivables

we had great training session with Mr. Hesham.
the way he is explaining it is really great, having awesome knowledge and very friendly.

Nasir Mehmood Bhatti

Leader Finance at MEFSCO (Arasco-Cargill Joint Venture)

Fortunately last week we got a chance to get trained IFRS course from Mr. Hesham last week in our company.
Hesham Financial skills, his knowledge and abilities, made him the best trainer at my all training seasons .He truly cares about his participants, and he has the skills to develop your career. He makes all concept clear by wide range of examples and case studies.so I highly recommend him for future Finance related trainings courses. 

Syed Shifath Hussaini

 Senior Manager Cash Management & Operations

Hisham is a thorough professional and expert trainer, his teaching methodology is perfect and training approach is more practical and covered many live case studies which maintained the interest and enthusiasm in participant , it was really a pleasure to attend IFRS training by Hisham. Wish you all the best and all the success in future

Abdulaziz Alsubaiyel

Senior Vice President at Public Investment Fund (PIF)​

Hesham has a great attitude and he is very passionate about what he does. I learned a lot from him.

Nawal Alamri

 Finance operations and control

I had the pleasure of training with Mr. Hesham (IFRS course), He is very proficient because of his experience, knowledge and abilities.. I highly recommend him as best trainer.

Ali AlTayyar

 Consolidation and Financial Reporting Section Head at Mobily , SOCPA

I have trained with Mr. Hisham in IFRS training seasons for one week 
Hesham’s interpersonal skills, his knowledge and abilities, and his diligent work ethic made him the best trainer at my all training seasons . He truly cares about his participants, and he has the skills to develop your career, so I highly recommend him for future trainings courses.

Abdulelah Alsalem, MSF 

Mr. Hesham is one my best trainers that I highly recommend, not just because of his knowledge, its because his help doring the training coueses and after,,

Muham mad Iqbal 

FCMA(PAK), Advanced. Diploma in Management Accounting (CIMA)

We got the opportunity of selecting Hesham as our mentor to train us on IFRS and we were lucky that we selected him. It was fantastic to learn from him. His hands on approach and knowledge to teach IFRS, motivational speaking and consulting as well as powerful personality won him our respect


Ahmed El Badawy

CMA,DIPIFR, CFA in Progress  Group Financial Controller  ​

“I was one of Mr. Hesham's students for the two parts of CMA mainly the following topics: cost management, decision making, and capital budgeting and planning. Really Mr. Hesham demonstrated that he is one of the greatest CMA instructors in Egypt. He helped me to pass the two parts. In addition to he is great CMA instructor also he is expert in Costing and planning and he has the ability to giving


Amany Amer, CMA

Finance Director @ Hilton

I was tutored by Mr. Hesham Mokhiemer during my CMA Preparation .
Mr Hesham was very proficient, competent and dedicated. His approach in explaining the material was concise; targeted and results oriented.
He could easily train me to apply strategic analysis to any issue or question in hand related to Costing and the critical role of Cost Management in Organizations.
His dedication and enthusiasm were both (by-product) lessons to me as well !!

Ahmed Elsesy, CMA

Senior Financial Analyst - Heading The Financial Planning Analysis

Mr Hesham is highly professional ,Expert ,Easy going ,and skillful instructor.
I started the journey with CMA program with him in 2010 ,and he has special simple approach for explanations the CMA material
Actually i get more benefit and learned a lot of skills from him, he support every one to apply Cost management ,investment decisions ,and variance analysis in the organizations .
I strongly recommended Mr Hesham as perfect instructor and reliable person



Khalid AlZaini, EFQM, CCO

Hesham is a person with a motivational proactive personality. He is fully rich with Financial business strategies and his sign always is Quality! Wish you a great future.