Know Your Trainer!

I’m Hesham Mokhiemer, a dedicated Finance and Accounting Trainer with an extensive professional journey spanning over two decades. My mission is to empower individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the world of Finance and Accounting


With over two decades of experience, Hesham Mokhiemer is a dedicated Finance and Accounting Trainer committed to demystifying the complexities of finance

The Expertise
Armed with an MBA and a range of certifications, including CMA, CTP, FPAC, FMVA, IPSAS, and expertise in IFRS, he's passionate about empowering individuals and organizations with practical financial knowledge

Diverse Experience
Hesham has worked in various finance functions, including financial accounting, management accounting, cost accounting, financial planning, financial reporting, budget management, financial management, and financial analysis

Real-World Impact
His diverse experience allows him to make his trainings practical and relevant to real-world business needs

Empowering Philosophy
Hesham's training philosophy emphasizes accessibility and engagement, making finance a tool for informed decision-making

Global Reach
He has touched the lives of finance professionals across five countries and 14 cities, guiding them to achieve certifications, deepen their financial understanding, and transform their careers

Trusted Expert
As an international trainer, Hesham has collaborated with prestigious institutions and organizations, solidifying his reputation as a trusted expert in the industry

The Numbers
Hesham's impact is undeniable, having trained over 12,000 individuals on their journey to financial excellence

At The End, Rest Assured!
You will learn from a global trainer with outstanding practical experience in multiple industries and equipped with multiple finance and accounting qualifications.