IFRS 15: Accounting For Contract Liability and Receivables

IFRS 15: Accounting For Contract Liability and Receivables

Course Overview: Mastering IFRS 15 - Accounting for Contract Liability and Receivables

Welcome to this comprehensive course on IFRS 15, the International Financial Reporting Standard for Revenue from Contracts with Customers. In this course, we'll focus on a critical aspect: accounting for contract liability and receivables. IFRS 15 is a game-changer in revenue recognition, and understanding these concepts is pivotal for accurate financial reporting.

Key Course Components:

  1. Introduction to IFRS 15: We start by providing a solid foundation in IFRS 15, discussing its objectives, scope, and core principles. This standard revolutionizes the way revenue is recognized.

  2. Understanding Contract Liability: We delve deep into the concept of contract liability. Learn what it is, how it's recognized, and its role in revenue recognition. Real-life examples illustrate the nuances.

  3. Exploring Receivables: The course covers the critical element of receivables, focusing on when and how they are recognized in financial statements. You'll understand the impact on cash flow and financial health.

  4. Measuring and Valuing: We discuss the intricacies of measuring and valuing contract liability and receivables. Get insights into how to calculate them accurately and align with international accounting standards.

  5. Recognition and Disclosure: We provide guidance on the recognition and disclosure of contract liability and receivables in financial statements. Understand the importance of transparency in financial reporting.

Why It Matters:

Accounting for contract liability and receivables is crucial for businesses that engage in contractual relationships with customers. Accurate recognition impacts revenue, financial statements, and investor confidence. This course ensures you're well-versed in these critical areas.

Course Benefits:

By the end of this course, you'll have the knowledge and tools needed to confidently account for contract liability and receivables in accordance with IFRS 15. Whether you're an accountant, financial analyst, or business professional involved in financial reporting, this course empowers you to enhance your skills and ensure compliance.


Join us as we unravel the complexities of accounting for contract liability and receivables under IFRS 15. This course offers a comprehensive and practical guide to understanding, implementing, and navigating these concepts with confidence.

Watch the full course to embark on your journey to mastery of IFRS 15: Accounting for Contract Liability and Receivables and strengthen your expertise in the dynamic field of financial reporting.

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