How To Get Liquid and Free-up Resources for Your Next Big Strategic Move
Written By: Hesham Mokhiemer MBA, CMA, CTP, FP&A, FMVA, CFM

Importance of Funds for Business Expansion

When considering business expansion, like increasing your product line or breaking into a new market, you first need some research for planning out the strategies but you also need money -- lots of it. Without enough funds to finance your big strategic move, it's simply dead on arrival.

Despite having great workable plans, pulling out money from your operating budget to finance your new project is something you shouldn’t do, especially if it’s not included in your annual budget. If you do this, you will cut funds from some departments which will ultimately hurt your cash flow and your business.

That said, here are a few tips for freeing up enough resources for your next big strategic move; however, I would like to highlight that raising money from the normal financing channels such as raising capital or borrowing through direct loans or issuing bonds doesn’t contradict with the below suggested action plans. These methods can indeed ensure a healthy cash flow and provide the necessary funds for your business expansion

Expedite Account Receivables

Collecting account receivables is one sure way to stall the inflow of cash flow. You can turn this debt into cash flow more quickly if you teach your staff to expedite account receivables, and one way to do this is by using a credit limit. This will make a huge difference because you will be able to better manage the debt, and your clients will respect this limit. Focusing on turning account receivables into cash flow will definitely make more funds available for your big move.

Add Expansion to Your Yearly Budget

Marketing is one element that can significantly increase revenue and enhance cash flow. With effective marketing strategies, you can transform a situation of no funds into 'sufficient funds' for your next business expansion step. To enhance your marketing effectiveness, it may be necessary to delve into your current marketing strategy, identify its failures and weaknesses, and determine areas that require improvement.

Consider Invoice Factoring for Better Cash Flow and Funds

Invoice factoring enables businesses to fund cash flow by selling their invoices to a third party at a discount. This financing option can be provided by independent finance providers or banks, known as factoring companies. Factoring companies help fund your business, allowing you to transform your business cash flow. Instead of waiting for payments, you’ll have more funds available to work with, facilitating smoother operations and potentially financing business expansion

​Monitor Your Business Credit to Secure Funds and Support Business Expansion

According to a Wall Street Journal survey, 25% of business credit reports contain errors that make businesses appear riskier than they actually are. Many businesses face the challenge of not being aware of these errors due to a lack of active monitoring of their credit reports. Maintaining a good credit history not only affects the interest rates you receive on financing but also the overall financial reputation of your business. Starting to accurately monitor your business credit early can help you build a healthy credit history, securing better business deals and ensuring ample funds are available for business expansion.

By strategically managing your financial resources through these methods, you can provide the necessary capital for significant business expansions without undermining other parts of your operations. Preparing financially through proactive budgeting, efficient cash flow management, and maintaining a strong credit profile allows your business to pursue ambitious growth initiatives with confidence.

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